Help! Pilates, What’s in It for Me? – Ebook for Teachers to Give to Their Students

This book is for every Pilates teacher to give to their potential students/clients, to help them decide that Pilates IS the possibly the right choice for almost everybody.

The benefits, the how’s and why’s. This book is to help me with my mission to educate the public on what Pilates really is VS what it isn’t so that the potential new student can make an educated choice on where, and with whom, to spend their hard earned money.

Anyone can take a weekend cert and hang a shingle on their door that says they teach Pilates, how is the unknowing general public supposed to able to tell which is the real deal and which is a Pilates impersonator. Just because someone uses the word, doesn’t make it so. Download the book and learn the differences. There really is something for everyone.