About Pilates

In times of injury, Pilates differs from physical therapy in that in PT, you work only the injured part, in Pilates we allow the injured part to heal while we keep the rest of the body strong and stretched, until the injury has healed enough to add it back in. Pilates can be done daily, there is no lactic acid build up, yes, you may feel sore. No, you won’t be crippled by your workout. In Pilates we don’t do endless sets of mindless repetitions, we do a maximum of 10 reps and move on, hitting the body from every angle.

Joseph Pilates

There are over 500 exercises in the Pilates repertoire on various pieces of apparatus designed especially to work the body correctly, with optimum alignment to allow the exerciser to achieve their personal goals. In Pilates we work toes to nose, nothing is left out. As in the phrase peeling the layers away from the onion, in Pilates we build the onion, 1 layer of muscle fiber at a time until optimum strength and divine flexibility are achieved and maintained with a consistent practice.
Pilates is a resistance based exercise system utilizing springs of varying tension and size to correctly work with the body you have and assist you in achieving the body you want.
Joseph Pilates made the promise that with consistently practicing his system, you will feel a difference in 10 sessions, see a difference in 20 sessions, and others will notice your transformation in 30 sessions. You are as young as your spine, an inflexible body at 30 is older than a flexible body at 80.