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Studio S Pilates is a private, boutique, classical Pilates studio. At our studio you can always count on receiving a workout specific to your needs and goals that follows the original intentions of Joseph Pilates, the creator of the Pilates method.

Studio S Pilates is the official provider of Going More Joe mentorship (#GoingMoreJoe) for the Pilates teachers who would like to bridge their teaching style from the contemporary to classical Pilates. We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful and fully-equipped Pilates studio.

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Pilates for YOU

Pilates isn’t yoga, or a spa treatment, it isn’t just for women, Joe Pilates was a cigar smoking boxer, he designed his workout primarily for men, but women loved it too. Pilates isn’t just for dancers, plenty of athletes use Pilates to cross train and become more proficient in their chosen sport.

Pilates Classes

Studio S Pilates offers a variety of classes to fit your fitness goals, you will gain strength, flexibility and improve your posture, cross train for your chosen sport and work around your injuries, to see the different classes we offer click the link below.


Studio S Pilates is a source of continuing education for Pilates professionals.Every year we have a lineup of amazing workshops to deepen your Pilates practice. Yes, everyone from intermediate students to movement professionals are invited to attend.

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Studio S Pilates has been featured on Get Fit Monday, channel 3 News Las Vegas

What Our Clients are Saying


Sunni’s mat class was truly a lifesaver for me. I have tried all kinds of exercise and diet plans and never achieved anything close to what I have done with Sunni and Pilates. She knows how to get results and wants to see us reach our goals. She is always correcting and encouraging. I enjoy my classes with her.


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We want to make it easy for you, with our automated scheduling system. Register by creating an account through our scheduler to sign-up for the class of your choice. If you have any questions, please contact Sunni for assistance. See you at the studio!